What’s Joseline Hernandez’s Net Worth?

Curious about the Joseline Hernandez net worth? Joseline Hernandez is a television personality and also a rapper who became popular when she starred in a reality tv series called Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2012. She is very active in the entertainment business and has continued to be so after her initial exposure. She was born in Puerto Rico on November 11, 1986, and has continued to be popular among the public. Most of her net worth comes from her music and television appearances. Being raised in a big family, it was quite a struggle for Hernandez to help pay the family bills before.

The journey of Joseline Hernandez

The Joseline Hernandez net worth is around $500,000 with the amount of $50,000 in 2012, $150,000 in 2013 respectively. These are from her realty TV appearances. At the age of ten, her family had moved to the USA and their family faced a lot of struggles. Her mom was an alcoholic and she had five siblings with, one of which had autism. Hernandez started with stripping to help the family with food, mortgage, and bills. She went under many names and this also helped grow her net worth. In some cases, she would run into trouble regarding her public behavior and even faced arrest.

She also has been involved in some other scandals that attracted media attention, however, she was finally able to leave the stripping business in order to chase her dreams. That was when she started to appear on reality TV reality shows. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta for one focuses on the people who can reality to hip-hop music and who are living in Atlanta. Even though she faced a lot of criticism on the show, she was able to pull it through. Her aggressive behavior on the show actually helped in attracting the ratings and the attention of the audience. Owing to this she has gained a lot of fans and supporters.