Is Tuna A Good Choice To Cook Sous Vide?

What is Sous Vide?

Evolution continues even more in these contemporary times, as people are able to gather information through their research and execute what they have learned. Among those that incessantly evolve is the art of food preparation and cooking. Professional cooks, chefs and ordinary even individuals who have high and intense interest in cooking often study these techniques. For the reason that, they want to retain as much moisture, taste, and excellent texture to the meals they prepare. Thus, the latest addition and often talked about is the “sous vide”. Where did this originate and what kind of meat would suit it best?

This technique originates in France and given the label as it stands for the “under vacuum” food preparation method. In the process, you have your chosen meat inside a zipped and sealed plastic pouch and then submerged into a water bath of a steamed and controlled temperature environment. True enough, you cannot expect fast-food results here, as the cooking process can and will last more than an hour, at times, 48 hours. Fish meat is more appropriate in this food preparation tactic, if you are wondering if tuna is a good choice when doing this method, you are correct. Remember, cooking tuna sous vide do have its own technicalities in order to produce the most succulent and delicious results.

What are the appropriate temperatures? When you are cooking tuna sous vide, the temperatures that you have to achieve are:

  • 115°F for translucent and moist
  • 120°F dry, firm and well-done, as if it is steak
  • 130°F crumbly and chalky, thus, if you are going to serve this, is certain to have supplementary fat of olive oil and of mayonnaise.

For tuna, you do not have to wait for 48 hours for it to be prepared, as a matter of fact, 45 minutes is good enough, so long as you have reached the desired temperature for cookery.