If You Buy Instagram Followers, Make Sure They’re “Real”

There are many followers on social media that are not real. They are useless followers to an account. Fake followers pose a big problem to any social media platform most especially Instagram.

Fake Instagram followers are useless elements to an account. They do more harm than good because of providing a good audience and improve traffic, they tend to be just clutters in your account. Due to this clutter, your Instagram account may get a bad reputation.

Having a bad reputation might mean losing a huge deal of audience. How? When you have a bad reputation, your audience will have a bad impression about you and might not patronize you and worse might even write bad reviews about you and your account. When this happens, you get a bad analytics which will lead to poor engagement rates.

Most fake Instagram followers are not inactive. They do not engage with other Instagram users. They are just bots who are just waiting for users who can be possible targets for spam. Statistics show that 8% of all the Instagram accounts are fake, and 30% are inactive.

What effects do fake followers have on your Instagram account? The most obvious effect is your engagement rates just because these followers do not interact or engage in your account because they are obviously fake, which means they are not active. These followers are easily exposed which will also hurt your reputation.

On top of that, fake followers can also be easily removed when a “purge” happens. So just when you are enjoying a good deal of fan base, you suddenly lose some when a purge happens. This is another painful loss to your account. Not only is it a painful but it also gives you a bad reputation which will cost you a great opportunity of having a good market.